Game 6: Finale In Great American Ball Park

Today, the Pirates face off for the series deciding game vs the Reds. Its been a series of disappointment so far, even in the game Pittsburgh won, as they have not been able to turn baserunners into runs scored. With an opportune matchup in today’s game, the Buccos will look to capitalize on it and come out victorious.

Today’s starter is a fan favorite name Jeff Locke. Yes, you can literally see the sarcasm in that sentence because Mercer hasn’t blocked you from seeing this article, but Locke isn’t as bad of a pitcher as people make him out to be. He certainly isn’t that bad of a pitcher in GABP either. For his career, Locke has five starts there and holds a 1.84 ERA. With a much lesser lineup this go around, Locke will look to continue this trend and ‘lock’ up this series win. You can catch me all day over at @NorthShoreNine people!

The lineup is essentially the same again, with the exception of Stewart giving Cervelli the day off. Everyone will move up a spot and Stewart will be at the end where he surely belongs. It’s no secret that the bats have been very alive thus far this season. The revamped lineup has been producing amid some skepticism here at the NSN, and will look to continue to produce against a rookie pitcher who hasn’t found much success in Triple A let along in the big leagues. Polanco enters this game batting .357 and has drawn a league leading seven walks. He has looked like a different player and the ball has been exploding off of his bat. He has one of the fastest exit velocities clocked this season at 111.7 MPH, which only lead to a single in good ol’ PNC Park.

The Reds will feature rookie pitcher, Tim Melville. Last season, at age 25, he pitched 151 innings while posting a 4.63 ERA for the Tigers affiliate team. For his career, he sports a 4.75 ERA in the minors. Now, since he’s never been in the bigs, and the Pirates have never seen him, do not be surprised and go into hysteria when and if he send many of them back to the dugout. I would suspect, however, that after seeing him that the Pirates should start mashing.

Game time is set at 1:10 PM, and temperature should actually hit 60º today! Let’s Go Bucs!

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