One Crazy Balk and Towering Home Run in a 5-4 Loss

All you need to know about last night’s game was Liriano struggled against a inept Padres offense and Adam freaking Rosales hit a towering home run off the Western Metal Supply Company building off Caminero. Oh, and a crazy balk play that I’ve never seen before.

Liriano struggled with control right from the start and ending up walking five batters and giving up home runs to Wil Myers and Derek Norris in just 4.1 innings. It’s going to be a long season for the Bucs if Liriano can’t pitch past the fifth inning.

The Pirates took a 3-0 lead through three and a half innings, but the Padres scored five runs in the next two innings to complete the comeback. Despite 11 hits, the Pirates couldn’t come through late to tie the game as they left another 10 baserunners on base.

This game including an incredible play and two overturns of a balk by Padres starter Colin Rea that scored McCutchen from third. The umpires called the balk, then said no balk and put Cutch back on third and then after Hurdle lost it and argued, the umps agreed and called it a balk again. We’ve heard Greg Brown get excited for a big play before, but I’ve never heard him get so loud for a balk…the second time they gave it to the Bucs. Rea was flustered and the Bucs had him on the ropes, but once again couldn’t give him the knockout punch.

Hopefully the bulk of Buccos Twitter was not awake to see this one.

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