Welcome to the inaugural North Shore Nine Over/Under Challenge! On podcast #39, Ryan and DiNardo came up with five over/under’s each to challenge the other with in order to win an alcoholic beverage after the 2017 season. The Over/Under Challenge rules are as follows:

  • Ryan picked five players and specific metrics for DiNardo to predict and DiNardo picked five players and specific metrics for Ryan to predict.
  • Totals for each player are only for their respective numbers while with the Pirates during the 2017 season. 
  • If any over/under number falls exactly on said number at season’s end, that over/under will be considered a push and not a win. 
  • If both contestants are tied after the season with the same amount of correct winners, the Josh Harrison tiebreaker below will come into effect and decide the challenge. If Harrison gets injured or traded before the start of the season, a new tiebreaker will be agreed upon. 
  • The NS9 co-founder with the most winning over/unders will win an alcoholic beverage at the other’s expense and enjoy bragging rights throughout the entire offseason.

Feel free to tweet us (@northshorenine) or email us your picks at northshorenine@gmail.com to follow along all season. Here are the results for each over/under:

Gerrit Cole O/U 3.00 FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching)
Ryan chooses the OVER.

Daniel Hudson O/U 7 Saves
DiNardo chooses the UNDER.

Starling Marte O/U 40 Stolen Bases
Ryan chooses the OVER.

Josh Bell O/U .361 On-base Percentage
DiNardo chooses the UNDER.

Ivan Nova O/U 2.25 BB/9
Ryan chooses the UNDER.

Francisco Cervelli O/U .096 ISO (Isolated Power)
DiNardo chooses the UNDER.

Felipe Rivero O/U 12.0 K/9
Ryan chooses the UNDER.

Jameson Taillon O/U 163.0 IP
DiNardo chooses the OVER.

Chris Stewart O/U 0.5 HR
Ryan chooses the OVER.

Andrew McCutchen O/U -2.5 DRS (Defensive Runs Saved)
DiNardo chooses the OVER. (Over here means Cutch will be worse than -2.5 DRS)

TIEBREAKER (if necessary)
Josh Harrison O/U 93.5 wRC+
DiNardo: OVER


National League Over/Under’s:

NL East                              Ryan          DiNardo

Washington  90.5 Over Over
N.Y. Mets  88.5 Under Over
Miami  76.5 Under Under
Atlanta  73.5 Over Over
Philadelphia  73.5 Under Under

NL Central                         Ryan          DiNardo

Chicago 95.5 Under Under
St. Louis 84.5 Under Over
Pittsburgh 82.5 Over Over
Cincinnati 70.5 Under Under
Milwaukee 69.5 Over Over

NL West                                  Ryan          DiNardo

LA Dodgers 93.5 Over Under
San Francisco 87.5 Over Under
Colorado 80.5 Under Under
Arizona 77.5 Over Over
San Diego 66.5 Under Under