Pirates Superlatives

In Monday’s Podcast we featured a segment listing the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates Superlatives. Yes, most are pretty tongue in cheek but they can all be seen listed here. Also, take a moment to listen to it during our podcast right here: Episode 73


2017 Pittsburgh Pirates Superlatives

Most likely to be a Yankee

Gerrit Cole


Most likely to fall down the Primanti Bros stairs

Gregory Polanco


Most likely able to play another professional sport

Starling Marte (soccer)


Most likely to be seen in a horse drawn buggy on the side of the road

AJ Schugel


Most likely to be camping while playing Call of Duty

Jordy Mercer


Most likely to publicly hate their superlative and block us

Jordy Mercer


Most likely to be doing stand up after baseball

Trevor Williams


Most likely to have trick or treated until he was 18

John Jaso


Most likely to be managing a World Series team and call for a bunt in a tie ball game

Chris Stewart


Most likely to bust out all of Mark Madden’s car windows

Sean Rodriguez (After hearing Mark talk about Cutch or any other player on his show)


Most likely to drop his keys, pick them up and drop them again

Adam Frazier


Most likely to be found eating grass in an open pasture

Josh Bell (The Goat)


Most likely to have the same name as a video game character

Max Moroff


Most likely to be very sophisticated alcoholic

Jameson Taillon


Most likely to be leaning against a brick wall wearing a leather jacket with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth

Chad Kuhl


Most likely to not get invited to any of the parties

Joaquin Benoit


Most likely to put in 20 quarters for Cabela’s Big Game Hunter and walk away without killing one animal

Tyler Glasnow


Most likely to tell a server they gave him back too much money

Ivan Nova


Most likely to be a magician

Felipe Rivero


Most likely to be the Father of Jaime from Broad City

Francisco Cervelli (look it up – its worth it)


Most likely to celebrate the exact date of birth as DiNardo

David Freese


Most likely to wear Jamall Mattox pajamas when he goes to bed

Andrew McCutchen


Most likely to hit on a hard 17 in Blackjack

Josh Harrison


Most likely to get into an accident while drunk which leads to his 3rd DUI with suspicion of a possible 4th DUI in some unknown country which also leads to him getting a suspended jail sentence but not able to go to work because his home country won’t allow him to cross the border all while possibly escaping a sexual assault allegation

Jung Ho Kang


Most likely to get all the at bats vs lefties at 1st base in 2018

Jose Osuna


Most likely to walk out to his own music

Steven Brault


Most likely to be the first kid to get a Fake ID but drop all the beer while bringing it to the party

Daniel Hudson


Most likely to be smoking a pipe while reading The Count Of Monte Cristo

Jack Leathersich


Most likely to respond ‘To prove to people I’m a real baseball player’ when asked ‘Why do you have your own baseball card’

Wade LeBlanc

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