Winter Meetings Day 1 & 2

Two full days at the Winter Meetings and Andrew McCutchen is still a Pirates player…for now. I’ll be honest, I thought this deal would be done on Monday or Tuesday especially after talks “accelerated” late last week.

The Nationals are certainly playing hardball right now. Nats GM Mike Rizzo has come out and actually said they’re looking to acquire Chris Sale and McCutchen, but that they’re not trading Robles, Ross, Lopez or Giolito. Come on, bro. You have to give up something of value to receive something in value. That’s how trades work. Dave Stewart isn’t a GM anymore to take advantage of. It already cost them Sale as the Red Sox swooped in and made the deal the Nationals wouldn’t. Maybe that’s a wakeup call to Rizzo that he shouldn’t drag his feet and give something up to receive a former MVP in return.

If I’m Neal Huntington, I tell the Nats to keep Robles and give up two of the following three—Joe Ross, Reynaldo Lopez and Lucas Giolito. The Pirates get two of the pitchers they need and the Nats get their centerfielder with a strong chance at a rebound season.

If we’ve learned one thing so far at the Winter Meetings, it’s that Huntington is sticking to his guns and keeping the price high on Cutch. So the narrative that the Pirates are just dumping Cutch is hogwash or he would have been gone three days ago for any low level package of prospects. He came out today and said they’re looking to add a starter or two, but are comfortable with not adding any either. He basically covered it all in that quote…which could just all be GM speak and ploys through the media to show the Nats that they can hold onto Cutch too.

I still feel that the Pirates are past the point of no return with McCutchen and he will be dealt this week. If the Nationals dragged their feet too much, who could step in for Cutch? We’re hearing the Dodgers would be the next team interested and some chatter about the Giants. The Rangers were discussed as well, but I don’t think they have the pitching to pull it off. And then of course, there’s the “mystery team” according to Jon Heyman’s report.

Here’s me hoping that if the mystery team does exist, it’s the Indians and Danny Salazar or Carlos Carrasco is the starter coming back.

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