The NS9 has been motivated by the ‘Yinzers’ of Pittsburgh sports for years which has helped inspire us to create this website. We have been driven by our passion for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but also due to the lazy thinking of Yinzers that feel every decision the Pirates make is the wrong one. This here is our dedication to the Yinzer that stands out the most for the past week. If you come across any yinzers on twitter, make sure to tweet us using the hashtag #YOTW and you can nominate them yourselves. We present you this week’s Yinzer Of The Week:


Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone! Today is a day that we all can come together and celebrate a special day of one culture. Cinco De Mayo is a special day in Mexican history because it was the day the Mexican Army defeated the French at the Battle Of Puebla in 1862. These days it seems to be more recognized as a day we gather to feast on taco’s, margarita’s, and cerveza, but we all join together to do it.

This is one what’s so beautiful about this country. However, we haven’t fully made it there yet. Just this week in Boston, Adam Jones dealt with some despicable fans. They essentially threw peanuts at his head and used racial slurs just rows from the dugout. The fans were eventually kicked out of the game and banned from Fenway forever, but it truly bothers me that things like this still happen in 2017.

I typically like to keep these post’s pretty light hearted with a lot of tongue and cheek, but there was a certain yinzer that entered our mentions that needs to be put in their place. It started as a pretty harmless conversation about Gift Ngoepe and Jordy Mercer. Ngoepe has been playing his ass off, and well, you probably know our opinion on Jordy.

As you can see, nothing going to left field here. Baseball is great because you can debate many things all day long. We have no issue debating anything. As a matter of fact, we love to debate and talk baseball and feel more people should. Keep all the name calling and nonsense out and its great for the game. There isn’t much baseball in ‘barbershop talk’ and why not? Anyway, we feel very strong on our opinion about Jordy so let’s see where this conversation goes.

So here we go with fielding percentage again. I get it, Jordy is very good at scooping all the balls that come his way that he can get to. I won’t go into detail about how many balls he can’t get to that others can, but regardless can we as a unit come together and stop using fielding percentage as a useful stat the way we come together and wait for un hora to get a table on this day to eat and drink Mexican food? Let’s see where this now leads us…

OK? So we have never mentioned we hate Jordy Mercer as a person. It would clearly make no sense to hate a baseball player personally on a team you write for. Quite honestly, sports aren’t that serious to literally hate someone just for their play on the field (this does not relate to Billy Hamilton). We actually supported Jordy at the beginning of last season until he truly proved to us last year that he isn’t that adequate of a short stop. The article that was written has many stats and facts that back up our opinion. Again, this is our opinion and it’s ok if you don’t share the same opinion, but please back it up with actual real facts and stats and give us a debate. On the other hand, what about Kang and Marte? We’ve written and talked numerous times on our Podcast and again on DiNardo’s Dugout podcast that these two players were extremely selfish and are now a huge disappointment to the team. Anyways…

This is where it truly start to turn left and disgraceful. To be honest, I am not even sure what this means. Ryan and myself (DiNardo) are both white. I mention this because his comment just confuses me as to why it was written. However, the fact that we are white is the least of the worries with this. Now the true colors are coming out from Mr. @j_jsh9011 that are really disturbing.

These are the final two tweets that we received from this disgrace to our city. Seriously, what a piece of trash. This person truly needs to be exposed of this. Much like the person in Boston, people feel like they can hide behind a wall or behind an AVI and say whatever they want. It is one thing to go after media members or everyday people on twitter because of some of the hot takes or opinions they have. It’s another thing to succumb to this level of trash. People of Pittsburgh, this is your #YOTW and please, let this a*****e know what great of a person he is.

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