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This week there was one particular tweet that made me chuckle. After ending last week by sweeping Atlanta, the yinzers calmed down just a little bit. The Pirates were 3-2 and the hot takes went from steaming to luke warm. Well, the Cincinnati Reds came to town and told the fans to ‘hold up, sit down yinzer, be humble.”

The Pirates were allowing runs all over the place while stranding runners everywhere. This erratic play prompted RumBunter to poke fun and tweet this: Well for one person this wasn’t too amusing. As a matter of fact he was livid at the play of the Pirates and just absolutely sick of the overvalued players (yes, apparently with all the non spending the Pirates do there are quite a few overpaid/overvalued players), and wanted to see them out of town. 

Marshall wants to see Gerrit Cole, Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte, and Gregory Polanco out of Pittsburgh because he thinks they are all overvalued. He also thinks they are close to becoming fully depreciated. Essentially, this might be the last year we could trade all of these players to get anything of value in return.

Just to put something in perspective, these four players have totaled 39.2 Wins Above Replacement over the past 3 seasons. They also earned a combined $38,361,166 in those three years. So basically all four of these players combined cost about $1MM per WAR they produce. In 2016, Miguel Cabrera cost $5.7MM per WAR. Giancarlo Stanton cost $3.6MM per WAR in 2016. Even Chris Sale, who the Red Sox gave a mega package to acquire, cost $1.8MM per WAR last season.

As you can see, the numbers prove that Marshall is on to something. All of these players are overvalued and as the rest of the yinzers claim, the window is almost shut. He has had enough of this same crap on repeat. It is pure sickening that the Pirates won 94 games, then repeated by winning 88 games, and followed that season up by repeating once again to vomit up 98 wins. Oh yes, the Pirates did win just 78 wins last year.

Wow, this yinzer doesn’t even know what the word repeat means. Marshall should open a dictionary and soak some knowledge. While he is at it, he might as well look up the word ‘yinzer’ because there will be a picture of his blank avi in the definition. With that said, Marshall Probst, you are the Yinzer Of The Week!


Well, baseball is back as MLB kicked off its season this week. With the Pirates starting off their season verse Boston at Fenway, you were sure to predict some hot takes and yinzering. It was expected these three games (which ended up being just two due to the third being postponed) were going to be a tough battle. Many people have Boston predicted to be in the World Series and this was the first time the Pirates played at Fenway since 2005. For one ‘fan’, as many of you are familiar with, he wasn’t going to let this team slide with any struggles during it. Albeit was just two games out of one hundred and sixty two, the season seems to be over for him.

You are correct, Mr Jones. Andrew McCutchen has started off 0-7 for 2017. If only he had about 590 more at bats this season to give this team any chance. And that letter!? Oh, my. Cutch must really be a crock of sh** after saying he is going to do everything he can to be the best player he can for the city he loves the most after seven whole at bats. We probably should have just traded him for whatever we could have gotten to rid of this mess. Though, then would we be talking Nutting’s Wallet this opener instead? I’m not quite sure how it works here this time. If there is any silver lining, it’s the fact that the Cubs will likely finish last in the division since reigning MVP Kris Bryant is officially 0-13 to begin the worst season ever recorded in baseball history. Because, you know, small sample sizes.

Then there is this. I could only imagine now that Starling Marte is playing for the piss poor Pirates, his motivation is out the window and the ‘laziness’ has taken over. He doesn’t care about winning now that the World Baseball Classic is over. Hell, he probably has a grudge against Cutch and Josh Harrison for defeating the Dominican in the second round. It only makes sense that he’s likely throwing games for the organization that signed him to a long term deal as backlash for his home country pride. If there is one thing I will give credit to here, it’s the correct grammar being displayed. Most twitter users would have said ‘would of’ in this sentence (would’f?). One clap for, Chad!

Maybe if those people have a job that they don’t want lurkers seeing their tweets? I don’t know, I am not a huge proponent of making your twitter private either. If you can’t have people seeing what you’re tweeting, you probably just shouldn’t tweet it, or be on twitter at all. Chad believes in the open twitter handles, and for that we salute you! Our ability to see your tweets made you the real MVP. Thanks all to you, Chad Jones, you are the Yinzer Of The Week.


To say Yinzer Twitter was quiet this week would be like saying Bob Walk falling out of his chair was not entertaining. With the last start by Drew Hutchison going about as bad as it could, to Jared Hughes getting released, to people still thinking Harold Ramirez & Reese McGuire would have been the fuel needed to acquire Jose Quintana, there were plenty of options and reasons to pick someone other than who was chosen. However, this week’s winner was chosen due to the detriment his comments bring to not only this city, but its team and Major League Baseball.

Andrew Fillipponi decided to tweet out this week about the Pirates Payroll. In that tweet he mentions that the Pirates are at $90 million in their payroll and compares it to the Twins & Phillies.

What makes this tweet stand out among all the others was the laziness and complete lack of research that was done by yet another member of this city’s local media. The currently reported $90 million is due to the fact that the numbers have not come out yet on all of the players salaries that are pre arbitration eligible. Currently there are a total of 11 players (40.7%) of the paid roster not recognized in this total figure. Those players are listed below directly from the site Poni ‘researched’ his figures from:

It just continues to amaze us how low a lot of the local media will go to just to stretch their narrative. As pointed here, they will continue to do it without having any of their facts correct. I am not here to say the Pirates payroll is perfect. As a matter of fact, we pointed why there are many payroll limitations with this organization but also why they have the ability to spend more money right here. What irritates me so much with this post is the fact that so many people listen to the media, which includes Mr. Fillipponi, to get their facts and information about this team. When they keep getting misinformed about them, their knowledge and information about the team is misconstrued. They take on this bias towards our city’s baseball franchise and turn against it.

With the bad information they have received, they are turning away fans not only from the Pirates organization (which I remind you has 358 wins since 2013 and good for 4th in MLB) but also fans from MLB. With getting more fans being such a hot topic, giving bad information to push your narrative of tearing down an organization seems to be quite counterproductive of this as well. I could understand if the argument were to be why all three outfielders are changing position this year is not good idea and then you presented it with actual real facts. This, of course, was not the case.

Andrew Fillipponi wanted to compare the Pirates payroll to the likes of the Twins and Phillies. He figures if these are rebuilding teams, why are their payrolls substantially more (even though his data was incorrect)? Of course, this information doesn’t inform you of the bad contract situation these teams have to create the payroll. Looking at the Twins, their organization has been awfully run. They have signed a plethora of talentless pitchers to lucrative contracts which have put them in a detrimental state of their organization.

These figures can easily show you how horrible their GM has been in acquiring talent. You could say the Twins followed the yinzers rule of ‘just spend money’ and it has completely backfired in their face. So far this team has been able to show 278 wins in the past four years which places them dead last in baseball. I guess you could say people of Fillipponi’s mindset don’t guarantee you wins.

So once again, the North Shore Nine wants to thank a local media member of doing what they do best. Ruining a great sports town’s fanbase with misinformation and lack of knowledge is something most of them do best. I’m sure the feedback with this will be negative because of the sheep that flock to this town’s media as it takes their word as gospel. As usual, we will continue to battle them so that the rise of informed fans can continue. Andrew Fillipponi—you are, without a doubt, the Yinzer Of The Week.


We were not short of content by any means to kick off this years #YOTW nomination. With Drew Hutchison’s recent spring starts, Kang’s visa denial, Tony Watson & Jared Hughes struggles, and the ongoing ridiculous Jose Quintana news, the yinzers made the choice tough for us.

This week team USA took the WBC championship with ease over Puerto Rico. After an eventful few weeks of having many players away from Bradenton while playing in the Classic, Andrew McCutchen & Josh Harrison will now be back with the gang in Bradenton fully participating in camp.

Many people have been celebrating the U.S.’s first ever victory (especially Cutch & J Hay) as they got to be part of history. This was not the case for a particular member of Facebook.

Imagine thinking that representing your country and playing against some of the best talent in the world is just a vacation. If only Cutch & J Hay were in Bradenton this whole time facing Gabriel Ynoa of Baltimore and then a bunch of minor league pitchers afterwards.

The narrative of ‘get back to work for the organization that pays you’ is something I truly expect to see from Cardinals fans, but it appears some of that mojo went downstream and then into the Ohio to reach Mr. Fritz. To me, this comment is quite fitting to kick off the 2017 #YOTW as it displays the epitome of lazy thinking and bashing of anything done by the Pirates organization and/or players. With this, the North Shore Nine congratulates you, Mr. Fritz. You are this week’s Yinzer Of The Week!