Join us for a livestream as we step into the shoes of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ front office in OOTP 24! The trade deadline is looming, and the Pirates, currently sitting as contenders, are looking to make strategic moves to fortify their roster for a playoff push.

*Main Targets: Jose Abreu & Clay Holmes* The Pirates have their eyes set on two impactful players to bolster their lineup and pitching staff. Will we be able to strike a deal to bring the veteran power hitter Jose Abreu to Pittsburgh, and can we secure the talented arm of Clay Holmes to reinforce our bullpen?

*Contract Talks with Alex Ramirez* As we gear up for the deadline, negotiations are in full swing to extend the contract of our promising young center fielder, Alex Ramirez. Will he commit to a long-term stay with the Pirates, or will contract talks take an unexpected turn? Tune in to find out!

*Trade Rumors, Strategy Discussions, and More!* Get ready for in-depth discussions about potential trades, the impact on team dynamics, and the strategic decisions that could shape the future of the Pirates in this OOTP 24 universe.

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